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How Does Fertilizer Keep Pests Away?

How Does Fertilizer Keep Pests Away?

The National Pest Management Association estimates that pests infesting homes can do enough damage to cost homeowners more than $7 billion a year. These critters can also carry some pretty scary diseases like Lyme disease, hantavirus, encephalitis, and even West Nile virus. It’s best to just keep them away from your property and your family, and here’s how an Every-Other-Month lawn service from a company that offers fertilizer service can significantly decrease your exposure to disease and damage. 

Fertilizer service

Reputable and knowledgeable companies that offer fertilizer services can help manage pest problems in a big way. First and foremost, they can come to your home and do a thorough inspection of your property for any signs of destructive pests. If they find any evidence of colonies thriving there, they can help you make a plan to deal with the situation effectively.  

EOM lawn service

Every-Other-Month (EOM) lawn services programs are a great way to keep your lawn looking nice and destructive pests at bay. These programs usually offer multiple applications of a fertilizer and insecticide blend on all exterior spaces of your property. Make sure you choose a company that follows Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices for the protection of water resources in the state. These programs will effectively address fire ants, fleas, and ticks. Termite control would likely be outside of this kind of program, but any company could work it into one package.  

How it works 

A technician will come to your home four times each year to apply the fertilizer insecticide blend. They will not apply fertilizer during what’s known as the fertilizer black-out period from June to September. But, the company will continue to maintain your lawn during the summer months watching closely for any signs of destructive pests. During winter months, the program includes weed control and grass care. Fungicide treatment is used when necessary for plant diseases, and fire ants will be banished from your property for the entire year. 

Guarantees by fertilizer service Palm Beach

In addition to the guarantee that your lawn will be absent from fire ants, your Every-Other-Month program will keep your outside spaces in tip-top shape. The service history of these programs shows that they reduce the pest population in your yard by 90 percent. Your yard will look great and be healthier than it’s ever been under the watchful eye of a professional lawn care company.

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