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Signs termites are in or around your home

Signs termites are in or around your home

More than 600,000 homes in the United States will suffer from termite damage this year and the average cost of repairs for that damage will total more than $3,000 for homeowners. Termites are a big problem, especially in states with predominantly warm climates. If you see any of these signs that termites might be lingering around your home, waste no time calling termite control services in St. Lucie. 

 You’ve seen them

Probably the most telling sign that you might have a termite issue, is if you’ve seen them hanging around. Termites can be found in all 50 states but are particularly fond of southern climates. They tend to be active on warm days often following rain and could develop a swarm. which is unmistakable, and looks like a giant flying cloud of insects. If you spot this behavior or find physical signs of termites inside your home, like those listed below, the time to call termite control services in St. Lucie is now.  

Tunnels in wood

Termites leave a telltale sign of their presence in the form of wood tunnels. Carpenter ants and termites are the only two common household bugs that leave tunnels in their wake. So, if you find a network of tunnels on a surface or space in your home, call in the pros for a definitive identification of the pest.

Drywall problems 

You might mistakenly think that the only building material that termites tunnel through is wood. That is a wrong assumption, and termites have an appetite for practically every surface found in your home. If you see tunnels in drywall, discolored patches that don’t correlate to previous water damage, or perhaps unexplained failing drywall, chances are there is a termite colony at work. 

Uncovered water damage

Water damage in your home is like laying out a red carpet for termites because these pests love to dine on wet wood. If you find water damage in your home from an unchecked leak, it’s wise to get it fixed as soon as possible. If you leave the damage, termites could find the area and make it their new home. 

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