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5 Surprising Ways Termites Can Damage Your Home if Left Untreated

5 Surprising Ways Termites Can Damage Your Home if Left Untreated

Did you know that termites never sleep? That means if you have a termite infestation, they eat and eat and eat to build their termite colonies, every single day, until the day they die. That’s a lot of effort that causes a lot of damage, and if you suspect that these pests might be lingering around your home, you should call home termite control in St. Lucie County today before the damage is too far gone. 

1. Your cabinets are fair game 

Did you know that termites will eat your kitchen and bathroom cabinets? It’s true. If a termite colony makes it far enough into the interior of your home, your cabinets, made of building materials easily digested by this best, are fair game making a call to home termite control in St. Lucie County something you should do right now. 

2. Don’t forget to look behind every stone

Termite colonies can creep up and exist almost anywhere there is a substantial food source to sustain the queen, her soldiers and the workers. That means a thorough inspection for infestation should look carefully at the building materials supporting stonework in and around your home. They might not be able to ingest rock, but these destructive pests will eat every bit of material until they get to the rock.   

3. Your floors could fall apart

Termite infestations are particularly common on ground floors where homes touch the dirt. Since many species of termites build colonies in the ground, reach the foundation and floor joists of your home isn’t a very long journey. Termites that are left untreated can cause such extensive damage to your foundation and the supports of your subfloor that your floors could literally fall apart.

4. The stairs could give way

Just like your floors, stairs in your home depend on structural support typically made of wood. Termites love wood, and it’s not far fetched to consider that an untreated termite colony could so badly damage the wooden structures of your stairs, that your stairs could fail. Hopefully, you’re not climbing up or down them if it happens. 

5. The whole house is fair game

If termites were left to their own devices, your whole house could be at risk. A queen termite can lay 40,000 eggs each day and more than 10 million in a year. Those are staggering numbers of bugs just eating away at your house and home if left untreated. 

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