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What To Do When You Have a Home Spider Infestation

What To Do When You Have a Home Spider Infestation

While spiders may not be as damaging to your house as termites or other insects, it doesn’t make them any more pleasant to deal with. One good thing about having a spider infestation as opposed to another type of insect infestation is most cases do not require you to tent your house. There are some simple steps you can follow to eradicate and prevent further spider infestations.

1.) Cut off the food supply

The first thing you should do when you notice your home has a spider infestation is to identify and destroy their shelters and cut off their food source. This usually means keeping an extremely tidy house and destroying all spider webs you find in and around your home. Spiders typically eat smaller insects so if you keep a clean home, smaller insects won’t be hunting for food in your home. If there are no smaller insects for your spiders to eat, they will have to move on to find food. Additionally, a clean home offers less space for spiders to hide, build nests and lay eggs.

2.) Poison and traps

You can purchase spider poison and traps at your local hardware store, which can help solve your spider infestation problem. While there are many positives to using a poison or trap method, there are also some negatives. Spider poison is much more effective than spider traps because it includes insecticide. The problem with spider poison is the spiders usually do not die right away so you might find dead spiders around your home. For homes with pets, the poison method is not recommended because the poison could be toxic if ingested by your house pet. Spider traps work better in homes with pets because there are no toxic chemicals present. However, this causes the traps to be less effective than poison and forces you to clean a trapped filled with dead spiders. Spider repellant is the more commonly recommended method, as it is a happy medium between the poison and the traps.

3.) Remove plants from around your home

Plants and other vegetation attract insects, and spiders are no different. Removing the vegetation from around the perimeter of your house can help keep spiders away.

4.) Make your own insecticide

There are a few at home recipes you can try to combat your spider infestation. About a dozen drops of peppermint oil mixed into a spray bottle of water can be an effective method that doesn’t involve chemicals. You can also create an equal mixture of white vinegar and water and put that in a spray bottle as well. Once you’ve decided on your homemade insecticide recipe, spray down all cracks, holes and corners around your home.

5.) Call an exterminator

If you feel you cannot DIY your way out of a spider infestation, it’s time to call a professional pest control company. They will be able to eliminate your spider problem and help with preventative measures. For the best spider pest control in St. Lucie County, call Travis Pest Management.

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