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Common Household Bugs

Common Household Bugs

Believe it or not, the ant is not the only common household bug that loves to gather in your home. From roaches to crickets and beetles, these common bugs can live anywhere in your home….perhaps in your bed, if your not careful


Your furry little friend may be having fun outdoors, but if you’re not aware of the pests they can bring in, before you know it, you’ll have a flea infestation. This common pest likes to burrow in the coat of an animal. They eat and sleep in your pet’s fur and are capable of jumping long distances. For the most part the harm they have been known to cause is tiny itchy or red bumps on the skin where they bite. However, at this point, you better have your residential pest control Stuart exterminator on your speed dial before they spread any further.

Bed bugs

These common and quick spreading pests like to harbor in dark warm places, usually beds or clothing or even animals. Missing just one pregnant female bed bug will give you 300 adult bed bugs and over 1,000 unhatched eggs. These bugs are usually picked up from hotels or even furniture sitting beside the road. Again, an exterminator is the only one who can handle this delicate job.


These ‘silent killers’ wreak havoc to your home’s structure. Just one termite can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home or property. Look for signs such as flying winged insects in or around the soil of your home. Things like discarded wings, cracked or bubbling paint, wood that sounds hollow, your wood beams, crawl spaces, and exterior walls have mud tubes are a good sign termites are invading. Time to call the pest control experts in Stuart!


These guys are anything but fish. Their silver coat and tiny legs almost mimic an anchovy the way they slither along your carpet. These pests like to hide in most dark, damp places such as basements or damp clothing They love to eat clothing, wallpaper, and your overdue report paper! They love sugars, starches, and carbs and will eat just about anything – even the glue in your favorite book! Harmless, these guys follow you home in cardboard boxes or like to sneak in through a hole in the screen.

These household bugs are not pleasant to find and can be eliminated with the right steps and evacuation process. Do you have extra guests you’d like to send an eviction notice to? Let the Best Pest Control Service in Stuart escort them out! Travis Pest has served the Stuart area for many years and know a thing or two about the common and not so common bug. Can’t identify it (and maybe you’d rather not)? Allow us to do the dirty work for you. Contact us today for an extermination estimate!

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